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Qualified Team

We only hire the best sales and technical guys for our laser machine business, so  that you can be sure you’re working with the best sales team, engineers and forwarders.

Forward Design

For the machine, we not only provide the regular laser machine design, but also supply unique machine design for the special buyers . so you will always get a completed project you love.

Superior Support

We have an experienced technical team, which can not only provide fast and effective pre-sales laser solutions, but also ensure safe and fast freight routes and the most favorable prices.


All our products,included laser marking machine, laser welding machine and other Industrial CNC laser machinery are all approved with CE and FDA certifications.


ZOEY EXPORTING CO.,LTD  is the manufacturer and wholesaler of the following CNC Laser Machines:

Welding Laser Machines:
1. China laser welding machine with most competitive price and quality.
2. fiber laser welding machine handheld design
3. master laser welding machine robot system
4. laser welding machine for sale with popular design
5. laser welding jewelry repair mini smart for gold and silver welding

Fibre Marking Lasers:
1. Portable laser marking machine for metal high speed engraving
2. China laser marking machine best price
3. Handheld fiber laser marking machine,more compact and portable
4. China co2 laser marking machine with Davi, Synrad tube
5. Desktop fiber laser marking machine with Raycus source



3 types of laser welder cost in China

The cost of laser welders in China can vary depending on several factors, including the brand, the size, the features, and the quality. On average, laser welders in China can cost anywhere from a few thousand to several hundred thousand yuan (approximately 500-500to50,000). Here are some general price ranges for some popular laser welders made in China: Handheld Fiber Laser…


Best 3 portable laser marking machine companies

portable laser marking machine A portable laser marking machine is a device that uses a laser to mark or engrave materials, such as wood, plastic, and metal. These machines are portable and can be moved from one location to another, making them a convenient option for businesses that need to mark a variety of materials on-site. Portable laser marking machines…