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10 reputable manufacturers that offer jewelry welding machines

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Here are 10 reputable manufacturers that offer jewelry welding machines:


Desktop Jewelry Laser Welder For Sale

1. Model no.: ZE-JW1
2. Laser type: yag
3. Laser power: 150watt
4. Cooling: water cooled
5. Camera: ccd camera
6. Application: gold and silver jewelry, spot welding, repairing, etc.


  1. Orion Jewelry Welders: Orion is a well-known brand that offers a range of advanced jewelry welding machines with different power options and features.
  2. Sunstone Engineering: Sunstone Engineering specializes in manufacturing precision welding systems, including jewelry welding machines suitable for various applications.
  3. LaserStar Technologies: LaserStar Technologies provides laser welding systems designed for jewelry repair, fabrication, and customization.
  4. KARAT Mini Pulse Arc Welders: KARAT offers compact and portable pulse arc welding machines specifically designed for jewelry manufacturing and repair.
  5. PUK Welders: PUK Welders are known for their precision welding capabilities and are popular among jewelers for intricate welding tasks.
  6. Lampert PUK Fine Welding Technology: Lampert offers PUK fine welding machines that utilize pulse arc technology for precise and clean welds on jewelry.
  7. Neutec® PulsePoint Plus Welder: Neutec® is recognized for its advanced pulse arc welding technology, offering precise and efficient jewelry welding machines.
  8. ABI Laser Welders: ABI Laser specializes in laser welding technology, providing high-quality machines for jewelry repair, assembly, and customization.
  9. Sisma Jewelry Welding Machines: Sisma offers a range of laser welding machines suitable for various jewelry applications, known for their reliability and performance.
  10. DABI Laser Welding Systems: DABI manufactures laser welding machines suitable for jewelry repair, filling, and fabrication, providing precise and durable welds.

When searching for the top jewelry welding machine, it’s recommended to visit the websites of these manufacturers, explore their product lines, compare specifications, and read customer reviews. Additionally, consider factors such as your specific welding requirements, budget, and after-sales support when making a final decision. Consulting with industry professionals or jewelry experts can also provide v