Fiber Laser Marking Engraving Machine use to marking/engraving/printing on many type of metal material and some non metallic material with different design text,symbol,pattern,bar code,2D code, serial number, and suitable for online marking Marking Application field 1.Electrical Engineering and Electrical part 2.Mobile (Cover,battery,keyboard, I Phone Case) 3.Jewellery,eyeglass,clocks and craft 4.Building materials,PVC pipe 5.Car motor car spare.. read more →

Fiber Laser Marking Engraving Machine with 30W JPT 1-400KHZ FOR Plastic Guns / Aluminum parts / Colorful Coating lens. JPT 30W Laser Source Machine Detail Photos read more →

Laser Marking System Working process description: Lasers is most popular method for branding: The laser marking machine uses a laser beam to mark permanent surfaces on a variety of different materials. The effect of marking is to expose deep materials through evaporation of surface materials, thus engraving exquisite patterns, trademarks and characters. Laser marking machines.. read more →