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Handheld Laser Welding Machine

China Handheld laser welding machine price in 2023

According to my knowledge, the price of handheld laser welding machine ranges from 1,500 yuan to 50,000 yuan.

The following are the reference prices of some handheld laser welding machines:

handheld laser welding machine

1000W Handheld Fiber Laser Welding Machine

. Model no.: ZE-FW
2. Laser type: fiber
3. Laser power: 1KW, 1.5KW
4. Cooling: water cooled
5. Payment: T/T(optional)
6. Application: gold and silver ring, all Metals, stainless steel, etc.

  • Wuxi Oscar Laser Technology Co., Ltd., 2 years and nearly 3 months price 1500Whandheld laser welding machine, stainless steel aluminum alloy welding equipment, welding 3mm, easy to operate, 7 days replacement and 48 hours delivery, Alipay.
  • Suzhou Chuangxuan Laser Technology Co., Ltd., 12 years, the price of the last 3 months Shandong low price handheld laser welding machine stainless steel welding machine aluminum alloy welding small automatic point laser welding machine, every 300 minus 30, cross-store over 10 minus 2, cross-shop.
  • Dezhou Qikun Automation Equipment Co., Ltd., 4 years in the past 3 months, the price is 1000w1500w2000whandheld laser welding machine, metal aluminum-magnesium alloy stainless steel laser welding machine, one piece is shipped within 7 days and replaced within 48 hours, ¥200.0.
  • Shandong Stande Metal Products Co., Ltd., 4 years price in the past 3 months Foshan manufacturer handheld laser welding machine laser welding machine metal sheet aluminum veneer shape transformation welding machine, 10 minus 2, cross-shop.
  • Foshan Jundao Technology Co., Ltd., 11 years, the price of the last 3 months, the same handheld laser welding machine instrument laser welding machine, automatic stainless steel laser welding machine manufacturer, Alipay.
  • Dongguan Aoxin Laser Welding Equipment Co., Ltd., 12 years, price in the past 3 months Hand-held 2000W fiber laser welding machine, 10-meter hand-held gun laser welding, copper, aluminum and stainless steel welding, delivery within 48 hours Alipay.
  • Shenzhen Baoan District Pengda Laser Equipment Factory, 7 years price in the past 3 months Handheld laser welding machine Metal carbon steel laser welding machine Stainless steel laser spot welding machine factory supply, 48 hours delivery Alipay.
  • Wuxi Yiwang Laser Equipment Co., Ltd., 12 years, the price of the last 3 months PODA/Puda laser handheld advertising word laser welding machine advertising logo laser PD-AW300T-Ⅳ, Alipay.
  • Shenzhen Puda Laser Technology Co., Ltd., 9 years, the price of the last 3 months, the manufacturer 1500whandheld laser welding machine carbon steel sheet aluminum alloy stainless steel aluminum zinc laser electric welding machine, a generation of Alipay.
  • Nantong Aileite Laser Equipment Co., Ltd., 3 years, the price of the last 3 months Jiangsu 1500W handheld laser welding machine aluminum alloy thin plate air duct round pipe stainless steel industrial laser welding machine, 7 days replacement 24 hours delivery depth inspection.

The above information is for reference only, and the price of the handheld laser welding machine varies with the brand, model, specification, region and other factors. When purchasing a handheld laser welder, it is recommended that you compare and choose according to your needs and budget.