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Handheld Laser Welding Machine

How much does a laser marking machine cost in China 2023?

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The price of laser marking machines varies with different types, brands and features. According to public information, the price of laser marking machines ranges from several thousand yuan to hundreds of thousands of yuan. Pricing depends on desired features, make, model and configuration.

It is recommended that before purchasing a laser marking system, you should first understand your own needs and budget, and compare and evaluate different brands and models of laser marking machines to choose the most suitable equipment for you.

1000W Handheld Fiber Laser Welding Machine
handheld laser welding machine
1. Model no.: ZE-FW
2. Laser type: fiber
3. Laser power: 1KW, 1.5KW
4. Cooling: water cooled
5. Payment: T/T(optional)
6. Application: gold and silver ring, all Metals, stainless steel, etc.
1000W Handheld Fiber Laser Welding Machine Features:
1. 1000w handheld fiber laser welding machine energy density is high, the heat input is low, the amount of thermal deformation is small.
2. High cooling rate, which can weld fine weld structure and good joint performance.
3. Compared with contact welding, laser welding eliminates the need for electrodes, reducing daily maintenance costs and greatly increasing work efficiency.
4. The weld seam is thin, the penetration depth is large, the taper is small, the precision is high, the appearance is smooth, flat and beautiful.
5. No consumables, small size, flexible processing, low operating and maintenance costs.
6. The laser is transmitted through fiber optics and can be used in conjunction with a pipeline or robot.

laser marking machine cost

Here are some price ranges for laser marking machines:

  • Carbon dioxide laser marking machine: 8000-15000 yuan / set
  • UV laser marking machine: 5000-8000 yuan/set
  • Fiber laser marking machine: 10000-20000 yuan/set
  • Shock wave laser marking machine: 10000-50000 yuan/set

Note that prices may vary based on seller pricing strategies, models, features, configurations, regions and availability.