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Is the MOPA laser marking machine the same as the fiber marking machine?

Is the MOPA laser marking machine the same as the fiber marking machine?

What is the relationship between MOPA laser marking machine and optical fiber laser marking machine? are these two kinds of marking machines in the same category?

MOPA laser marking machine

If it is divided according to the wavelength of the laser, MOPA laser marking machine and optical fiber laser marking machine both belong to optical fiber marking machine, because their wavelengths are both 1064nm, and both of them are included and included. If both belong to optical fiber laser marker, why subdivide MOPA laser marker?

This is because their proofing effect and scope of application are not the same, and the pulse width and frequency of the two machines are also different. MOPA laser marking machine is suitable for fine marking process of metal and non-metallic materials.

Such as laser blackening of digital product components, mobile phone buttons, transparent buttons, mobile phone shell, key panels, electronic components, oxidation, plastic marking, handicrafts gifts, oxidation treatment and coating electroplating spraying and other surface treatment.

Pay attention to this fine marking word, the fiber laser marking machine we mentioned earlier is suitable for the marking of metal and non-metallic hard plastics, but it is not described as fine.


For example, alumina and some galvanized metals are difficult to produce a black effect with ordinary optical fiber machines, but MOPA laser marking machines can easily produce a black effect.For example, many friends consult to mark the back of the phone to achieve the effect of the back of the iPhone, so it can only be done by the MOPA laser marking equipment.

The effect of the ordinary laser machine is not so fine and will be rough, but the MOPA laser marking machine does not need to worry about this problem.


The pulse width of machine M1 is 4-200 ns M6 and the pulse width is 2-200ns.The pulse width of the ordinary laser machine is 118-126ns, so we can see that the pulse width of the MOPA laser machine can be adjusted more widely, so we can understand why some products can not achieve the effect of ordinary optical fiber, but the MOPA laser can do it.The pulse frequency of Mopa laser marking equipment is 45Khz, and the common one is 20-80Khz.

For ordinary optical fiber machines, the larger the range of pulse frequency adjustment is, the more difficult it is to grasp the high requirements for fine marking.

In a word, the main advantages of MOPA fiber laser marking machine compared with ordinary fiber laser marking machine are for color marking of stainless steel, blackening of anodized aluminum, and fine marking of various plastic parts

MOPA laser marking machine

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