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What type laser engraving machine for dog tags?

What type laser engraving machine for dog tags?

What type laser engraving machine for dog tags? Nowadays, more and more people own pets, and people pay great attention to the decoration of their pet dogs, from dog food to clothes, and personalized dog tags, which provide security for dogs with dog tags. The easiest and cheapest way to prevent him from getting lost.

Although the traditional signage processing technology can still be used as a metal dog tag, relative to the optical fiber laser marking machine, there are a large number of stability factors and aesthetic assurance. The application of the new technology is to better fill the old technology. I firmly believe that the optical fiber laser marking machine will be familiar with by a large number of people in the following days.

Fiber laser marking machine means that this marking machine uses a fiber laser, which has the characteristics of small size, good beam quality and maintenance-free, and is mainly composed of laser, vibrating lens and marking card. the laser marking machine produced by fiber laser has good beam quality, longer life, energy saving and environmental protection compared with other types of laser markers.

The laser engraving machine for dog tags can be used in a variety of materials to mark and display all kinds of patterns, characters, bar codes and other patterns that need to be etched.
Therefore, the fiber laser marking machine is also suitable for a wide range of industries.

Widely used in integrated circuit chips, food packaging, computer accessories, electronic and communication products, aerospace devices, hardware tools, watches and clocks, molds, wires and cables, industrial bearings, jewelry, various auto parts and many other fields of graphics and text marking, as well as mass production line operations.

Laser marking is a non-contact process, which further enhances its stability, and the whole process does not require any chemicals, so it is also very friendly to dogs wearing laser dog tags.