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Laser Printing Machine On Plastic

Laser marking machine for metal and non-metal material,Best to test before buying !

laser marking machine for metal

Laser marking machine for metal and non-metal material, Best to test before buying !

Before purchasing a laser marking machine for metal and no-metal material, why do you need to test the sample? When many customers choose laser marking machines, in order to reduce the error rate of workpiece marking and improve the production of marking effects, laser marking machine manufacturers often require customers to test in advance, so why do they need to test the sample? In some cases,testing is necessary, and in some cases it is not necessary to test? To briefly describe this issue, let’s first understand the marking process, then you will understand it naturally.

Put the workpiece to be marked on the laser marking machine to test the sample effect, which is called proofing. Proofing should accurately reproduce the sample effect required by the customer. Proofing is an important process. The role of proofing is:
1. Check the quality of the work piece and feed it back to the previous process to make changes;
2. Provide customers with proof-reading basis. Proofreading can be marked after signed by the customer;
3. Provide the basis and reference data for the type and specifications of the marking machine for formal marking.

Proofing is basically a pre-sales display service that laser processing equipment manufacturers must provide to customers, and it is free. Through the effect of marking, you can roughly know the quality, power consumption, and efficiency of the laser marking machine. And when the customer receives the equipment, it can provide a reference parameter to the customer to improve the efficiency of use.