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laser welder price in 2023

Latest laser welder prices in 2023

laser welder price in 2023
laser welder price in 2023

200W Laser Welding Machine For Jewelry

1. Model no.: ZE-JW
2. Laser type: yag
3. Laser power: 200watt
4. Cooling: water chiller
5. Payment: T/T
6. Application: jewelry gold and silver ring, all Metals, stainless steel, etc.

The price of a laser welder is affected by many factors, including brand, model, power, place of origin, sales method, etc. The following are some common brands and models of laser welder price reference:

  • Domestic laser welder brands include Deli Laser, Huagong Laser, Han’s Laser, Keyiyang Laser, Tenglong Laser, Hymson Laser, etc. Among them, Deli Laser and Huagong Laser have relatively large sales volume, relatively low prices, and high cost performance.
  • Imported laser welder brands include IPG from the United States, Dean Laser from France, Otech from Italy, Murata from Japan, and Xinxing Laser. Among them, the quality and technical level of the laser welder of IPG in the United States are relatively high, but the price is relatively expensive.
  • Brands of high-end laser welder include Switzerland Mavidas Laser, Japan K Saitama and so on.

The prices of laser welder of the above brands and models will vary due to factors such as sales methods, sales areas, quality, power, etc. The specific prices need to be compared according to the purchase area and purchase needs. It is recommended to understand the detailed parameters, performance and after-sales service of each brand and model before purchasing, so as to choose the most suitable laser welder for you.