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Six Reasons for the Lighter Laser Engraving Effect On Metals

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Six Reasons for the Lighter Laser Engraving Effect On Metals ? When we using the optical fiber laser marking machine to engrave characters, the engraving effect is not as deep as before, but becomes shallow. What is the reason?

The first common reason may be that the lens is dirty. Go to have a look at the lens at this time. If there is really something dirty, clean it in time. When cleaning, you can use a cotton swab dipped in alcohol to wipe the lens until the dust and other things are completely removed, then the shallow lettering will be improved.

The second reason is to check whether the light path is deviated. If it is deviated, readjust the light path, and then check whether the focal length is correct. If not, adjust the focal length position at the same time.

The third reason is that the engraving speed is too fast. The faster the engraving speed is, the lighter the engraving effect will be. Therefore, the speed should be adjusted to the appropriate level.

The fourth reason is that the filling method is unreasonable. When this happens, you can try to adjust the filling effect, such as the line spacing, and then try the lettering effect.

The fifth reason is the power of the marking machine. Check whether the percentage of power in the software is set correctly.

The sixth reason is the loss of the laser(laser source maybe damage), which is the most serious case. If all the above five reasons are checked, the loss of the laser must be considered. If it is serious, it is necessary to replace the fiber laser.

I hope this article can help more users of laser equipment. We are ZOEY EXPORTING LASERS COMPANY