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Structure of metal laser marking machine


Structure of metal laser marking machine.

In the production and processing, we will encounter some occasions that require more precision and higher precision, and we need to put permanent marks on all kinds of material surfaces, so as to carve exquisite patterns, trademarks and words.So what are the components of the laser marking machine? Next, let’s take you to understand.

If the metal laser marking machine is to work, there must be a laser power supply to provide power. The laser power supply is generally installed in the control box of the marking machine and the input voltage is 220V alternating current.The fiber laser generally uses the pulse type, and the advantage is that the output laser mode is good and has a long service life, and is generally installed in the shell of the marking machine.

metal laser marking machine

The optical scanner head uses a moving magnetic deflection servo motor with the advantages of large scanning angle, large peak torque, large load inertia, small electromechanical time constant, fast working speed, stability and reliability. The axial and radial runout errors are extremely low, and the power consumption and heating effect are also well controlled. not only that, the advanced high-stability precision position detection and sensing technology can also ensure high linearity, high resolution, high repeatability and low drift. as a result, the performance of the machine is improved.

metal laser marking machine  metal laser marking machine

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