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Characteristics of MOPA laser marking machine

Characteristics of MOPA laser marking machine.

MOPA laser marking machine many people also call it a special anti-blackening machine, because it can be easily blackened on alumina and aluminum alloy, but it is difficult for other laser equipment to do so. MOPA laser marking machine uses direct electrically modulated semiconductor laser as the seed source (MOPA) fiber laser, which has good laser characteristics and good pulse shape control ability.

mopa laser marking machine mopa laser marking sample

The mopa laser marking machine outputs laser from a pulse width adjustable mopa fiber laser and realizes the marking function through a high-speed scanning galvanometer system. With high-quality laser beam, low cost, 100 thousand hours maintenance-free, suitable for aluminum oxide black, 304stainless steel color, black plastic white, white plastic black and other fields, laser pattern font environmental protection in line with ROHS standards.

Compared with the general laser marking machine, the outstanding feature of MOPA laser marking machine is that the pulse width is adjustable and the frequency range is wide.The pulse width of general laser marking machine is fixed, the range is about 80-120ns, and the frequency is 20KHz-80KHz. MOPA marking machine (take the 20 watt YLPM of IPG as an example) the pulse width is 2-200ns adjustable and the frequency is 1.6KHz-1000KHz. The whole structure of this equipment is designed with an integrated frame structure, and it runs stably in the process of use, and there is no noise, and the operators can know the specific advantages when operating, so as to use it more reasonably.

Laser marking machine is suitable for mobile phone back cover, IPAD, aluminum blackening, mobile phone buttons, plastic transparent buttons, electronic components, integrated circuit (IC), electrical appliances, communication products, sanitary ware, tool accessories, knives, glasses, clocks, jewelry, auto parts, luggage buckles, cooking utensils, stainless steel products and many other industries.