Laser engraving and marking for rings

20W smart mini type raycus laser marking machine for jewlery


1. High quality laser path suitable for delicate marking. Reaching nearest to the limit of diffraction.
2. High pulse repeating rate and stable power bring high speed laser marking. Unit pulse power surge is lower than 1%. Easy control laser dot size, thickness and shape.
3. High speed 2-3 times over than traditional diode pumped marking machine.
4. Air-cooling smart machine size! 5. Long lifetime. Ultra-low power consumption of 0.5 kw. Efficiency conversion reach to over 30%(Not suitable for stainless steel color marking ).
5.Color Marking stainless steel clours paint Fiber laser marking machine

Ring and Cylinder Engraving Process:

The use of laser-engraved ring jewelry is a modern and popular method. You can choose to use a laser to mark the outside or inside of the ring, as long as it is fitted with a rotating clamp of the appropriate size.No matter what you want to engrave, the laser cutting plotter can basically be realized. The software EZCAD supports a variety of vector format files, as well as many beautiful art fonts, which make the ring carving effect more beautiful.Some customers want to realize the cutting of gold and silver jewelry, and can also rotate the high-power machine, and set it to the repeat mode in the marking software.