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100W Laser Cleaning Machine With Suitcase

1. Model no.: ZE-LC
2. Laser source: Raycus,Jpt
3. Laser power: 100 watt (optional)
4. Cooling: water cooled
5. Payment: T/T(optional)
6. Application: Pre-coating surface preparation, contaminant removal, etc.

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100W Laser Cleaning Machine With Suitcase Features:

1. 100W Laser cleaning machine is the new generation of safe, high efficiency, energy saving, environment-friendly metal laser cleaning equipment.
2. Using handheld swing cleaning head, touch screen and button control, combined with the advanced integrated control system.
3. the precision CNC fiber laser cleaning machine is assembled.
4. It meets the cleaning requirements of complex shapes and fine positioning in the industrial processing field.
5. And achieves higher cleanliness cleaning effects and lower overall cost production benefits.
Mainly used in automobile manufacturing, mechanical processing, electronic processing, cultural relics
restoration, mold industry, shipbuilding industry, food processing industry, petrochemical industry processing, petrochemical industry and other industries.


Product name
Laser Power
laser cleaning machine for rust removal
Surface Paint Cleaning
Metal Rust Surface Laser Cleaning
Rust Oxide Painting Coating
Applied industry
Metal Rust Processing
Accurate Cleaning
Cleaning materials
Metal Rust Oil Dust Coating

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Application Samples

Handheld laser cleaning machine uses high-frequency and high-energy laser pulses to irradiate the
surface of the workpiece, so that the surface oil, rust or coating evaporates or peels instantly, and effectively removes thesurface attachment or surface coating of the cleaning object at a high speed, so as to achieve the cleaning of the object. It is characterized by no damage to the part matrix, no consumables, energy saving and environmental protection.
1. Derusting of metal surface;
2. Surface paint removal and paint removal treatment;
3. Surface oil, stains and dirt cleaning;
4. Surface plating and coating removal;
5. Pretreatment of welding surface/spraying surface;
6. The dust and attachments on the surface of the stone statue are removed;
7. Cleaning of rubber mold residues.