50w Shoulder back fiber laser cleaning machine

Dimensions of the cabinet of the Backpack Laser Cleaning Machine (unit: mm)

Dimensions of the cabinet of the Backpack Laser Cleaning Machine (unit: mm)

Product features:

1. High energy pulsed laser focusing on the surface of object to simulate plasma, continuous irradiation of high-energy plasma instantaneous formation and expansion,resulting in a series of tiny explosions, formating plasma blasting, finally achieve the relativel smooth corrosive layer of boject surface to physical blasting burst, and move through the high speed laser spot to form a plume that will clean the debris to complete the cleaning. Mainly used in metal rust.

2. High energy pulsed laser socusing on the surface of object,dirty rust and other irregular structure and dark surface absorpt the laser energy and plasma energy formated by metal surface, is instantaneous vaporization from the base metal. Mainly used in the mold cleaning and cultural relics repair and other industries.

3. For the paint and the surface of the chemical coating and special process, based on the surface and the base material has different absorption and damage threshold on laser, laser destruct the surface coating after focusing, after air contact, there are a series of complex photochemical reactions, oxidation, The final reaction product is in the form of gas discharge, the special mode of the laser below the master batch damage threshold, can peel off the coating, do not hurt the base material. Mainly used for paint removal and coating stripping

4. Control board setting parameters

1, Graphic length:Max 68mm
2, Graphic width:Max 3.0mm
3, Galvanometer speed:Fastest Speed 32
4, Laser frequency:25KHz-200KHz
5, Field Lens selection:160mm(default),254mm,330mm
6, Graphics speed:1-12
7, Laser Power:5%-100%
8, Mode setting: After setted the parameters, click the sequence
number next to the mode. Enter the mode save interface, click Save, then
click Read . This machine can be setted 10 modes.

the handheld laser cleaner provides surface preparation technology that’s both efficient and remarkably versatile for a growing list of industrial applications. Whether the surface is metallic, plastic, ceramics, glass, stone or concrete, the results speak for themselves.

1) Metal surface derusting
2) Surface paint removal paint treatment
3) Surface without dirt, stains, dirt cleaning
4) Surface coating, coating removal
5) Oxide surface,Oil stain and contaminant cleaning
6) Welding surface / spray surface pretreatment
7) Stone figure surface dust & attachment cleaning.
8) Rubber/ plastic/ metal mold residue cleaning

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