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Handheld Dot Pin Marking Machine For Metal

1. Model no.: ZE-DM1
2.Machine Type: CNC
3.Pin Hardness: HRC 85
4.Marking area (mm):40x80mm
5.Software: Insert ThorX6
6. Application: Alphanumeric info, Data Matrix or dot matrix 2D codes, Shift codes, Barcode, etc.


Machine Details

dot pin marking machine for metal

Handheld Dot Pin Marking Machine For Metal Features:

Dot pin marking machine for metal Features
1. Pneumatic Vin Number Engraving Machine is used for marking vin number, pneumatic type, deep marking, especially for hard material, such as steel.
2. It can makring 0.6mm on steel material.clear marking.good marking effect.
3. Our marking head is designed to be small, sturdy and easy to install.
4. From plastic to the hardest steel (max. 65HRC), they can be marked at very high speed with point needles on all materials.
5. The controller can automatically increase the serial number, date, working group and marking icon, OCV font or two dimensional identification code Data Matrix.

Multilanguages, serial No., Arabic numerals, arbitrary figure, incrementing serial No., graphics, VIN code, time, date, barcode reading marking, ticket, dot matrix, 2D code (two-dimension code), circumferential parts marking and connected to database marking.
Available in a variety of languages (including English, French, German, Spanish, Swedish, Italian, Portuguese, Cyrillic and Czech), the software also contains features such as serial numbering, date and time marking and password protection.
Support multiple graphics and fonts, compatible with AutoCAD, CorelDraw.


Machine Detail Pictures:

dot pin marking machine for metal

dot pin marking machine for metal

Technical parameters:

Model: ZE-DM1
Marking speed: 2-5 characters(2x2mm)/s
Stroke Frequency: 300times/s
Marking depth: 0.01 to 1mm (Vary to the material)
Marking contents: Alphanumeric info, Data Matrix or dot matrix 2D codes,
Shift codes, Barcode, Serial Number, Date, VIN Code, Time, Letter, Figure, Logo, Graphics and etc.
Stylus Pin Hardness: HRA92/HRA93
Marking area: 80x40mm,130x30mm,140x80mm,200x200mm
Dimensions: 320x420x740mm
Marking materials: below HRC60 metallic and nonmetallic materials ,
above HRC60 need special stylus
Repeat accuracy: 0.02-0.04mm
Power: 300W
Work voltage: AC 110V 60HZ or AC220V 50HZ
Compressed Air( Pneumatic Air): 0.2-0.6Mpa
Connection: USB and RS-232
Controller: a. 7″LCD touch screen controller b. windows 7&windows XP
Power type: a.Pneumatic b.Electric
Marking directions: up, down, left, right, and the circular arc surface marking

Application samples:

1. Any character size 1mm to 100 mm
2. Serial number (value, tee, elbow, batch, shift)
3. Arabic numerals Alphanumeric (Figure& Letter)
4. Graphics
5. VIN code
6. Time variables (year, month, week, day, shift)
7. Date& Time
8. Barcodes & Reading
9. Ticket number
10. Date Matrix/2D codes/ Matrix size: 5 x 7, 9 x 13 and continuous line
11. Logos marking
12. Special symbols
13. Database connection marking

Package And Shipping:

1. Inner package: waterproof plastic transparent film
2. Middle package: white foam, to protect the machine from shaking
3. Outside package: wooded case free of fumigation
4. According to different customer needs,we could send the cargo by air, sea,and railways
5. The delivery lead time would be 3-5 days



1. What if you don’t know how to use the machine?
We have a full set of teaching videos, start with a zero experience, also can provide training
through teamviewer or other software, video calling, telephone after the machine received. As long as you are willing to learn, Nothing is impossible to learn

2. How about the warranty?
The machine is directly produced from our factory, you can enjoy the quality of the original
factory, and lifelong maintenance, free warranty is 2 or 3 years, each machine is equipped with an unique code, enjoying the after sale service by this machine unique code

3. How to repair?
Please contact the salesman or after-sales engineer first if there is any problem when using
the machine. The after-sales engineer will do some simple tests for your machine and find out which part have the problem.

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