Gold and silver Jewelry fiber laser engraver

Machine Features:
Easy to move equipment, air-cooling, compact machine, Perfect output beam quality, high reliability, no consumables, maintenance-free, fiber laser source, Long life Working
1. High electro-optic conversion efficiency
2. Low power consumption, stability laser output
3. High quality beam, consumable free, small machine dimension
4. Smaller output laser beam ,finer marking line. Suitable high precision marking
5. Long life, laser generator life 100,000 hours.

1.Raycus or IPG Fiber Laser Source, best quality laser source brand
2.Stability 60% higher than other brand lasers. time 30%-80% longer than other brand lasers
4.EZCAD from BJJCZ, price 3 times higher than copied marking card.
5.Less power consumption, lower than 700W.
6.Small size, air-cooled, easy to carry and transport.
7.High electro-optical conversion rate, maintenance free.
8.High stability, easy to operate.
9.Multiple Marking form: Line Printer, Rotating Marking. Multistage Marking.
10.Black marks on ss material
11.Advanced high speed galvanometer scanner to increase marking speed by more than 30%;
12.A varity of accessories can be chose like rotate fixture, foot switch etc

2.Laser type:FIBER 1064NM
3.Laser power:20W/30W/50W
4.Laser source:Raycus/IPG
5.Marking speed:7m/s
6.Marking area:110*110(as standard)
7.Min Line Width:0.001
8.Engraving depth:less than 0.5mm
9.Lift post:electric up and down
11.Support format:
12.Machine power:500w
13.Warranty:2 years


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