Jewelry gold silver fiber laser welding machine for hardware

Machine Feature:
1. Complete machine ergonomic design further fits jewelry industry of which the products are
meticulous and artistic and property is stable and it also meets the needs of long time
continuous operation.
2. The head cushion and bracket arm cushion are added especially so that long time operation is
more comfortable.
3. Large inner space is convenient for setting out of tools and fixtures.
4. Electric focusing device is equipped in working region and laser parameters are applied to
adjusting lights for renewal of dust screen, clearing of working region and recovery of welding
5. Observation of welding positions is clearer by using adjustable high brightness of LED ring
astral lamp and German brand Microscope.
6. More meticulous light points meets requirements of more meticulous welding.

Widely used in aviation, aerospace, sports products, jewelry, golf head, medical instrument, titanium alloy denture, instrument, electronics, machinery, automobile, etc, especially for the perforating of gold and silver jewelry, spot welding, repairing, inlay and welding of claw.

Laser type:YAG
Laser wavelength:1064nm
Beam size:0.2~0.3mm
Adjustable beam size:0.1~0.3mm
Pluse Width:0.1~20ms
Pulse Frequency:less than 50HZ
Aiming Position :Microscopy or ccd(roable 360 degree)
Cooling Method:Water cooling
Protective Gas:Single 1(argon)
Location precision:0.02mm
Working table load:200KG

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