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Mould Laser Welding Machine For Mould Repair

1. Model no.: ZE-MW
2. Laser type: fiber
3. Laser power: 200W, 300W
4. Cooling: water cooled
5. Payment: T/T(optional)
6. Application: all Metals, stainless steel, etc.

Machine Details

Mould laser welding machine

Mould Laser Welding Machine For Mould Repair Features:

1. Mould laser welding machine use Imported ceramic condensing cavity, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, stable energy output, long cavity life.
2. And xenon lamp life more than 8 million times.
3. Coaxial gas protection, beautiful solder joints, no oxidation and discoloration, high weld quality,
4. The toughness of the material after welding is at least equivalent to the parent material.
5. Equipment is equipped with X/Y translation stage and adopts servo control system to realize a wider range of product welding.
6. According to product requirements, a rotating shaft can be installed to realize 360° welding of arc-shaped products.
7. 10X microscope magnification, cross cursor indication, and high-speed liquid crystal light valve for automatic shading.
8. The display adopts a 7-inch LED screen, which can switch between Chinese and English freely.


Machine details pictures:

Mould laser welding machine

Mould laser welding machine

Technical parameters:

Model: ZE-MW
Laser power: 200W,300W,400W,500W
Welding depth: 0.1~3mm
Laser wavelength: 1064nm
Energy: 80J,100J,120J,140J
Impulse Pulse width: 0.1~20ms
Laser welding frequency: 0~100HZ
Cooling system: 1.5P to 3P Water cooling
Rated power: 6kw,8kw,12kw,14kw
Power required: 220V土10%, 220V土10%,380V土10%, 380V土10% (50/60Hz)
Warranty: 12 months
Continue working time: 16 hours

Application samples:

It is mainly used for repair welding of cracks, corner chipping, edging and worn sealing edges of hard materials such as molds, precision injection molding, die-casting, stamping, and stainless steel. It is also used in the welding of hardware products, electronic components, auto parts, instrumentation, precision machinery, communication equipment and medical equipment.


Packing And Shipping:

1. Inner package: waterproof plastic transparent film
2. Middle package: white foam, to protect the machine from shaking
3. Outside package: wooded case free of fumigation
4. According to different customer needs,we could send the cargo by air, sea,and railways
5. The delivery lead time would be 3-5 days


1. How much thickness can you weld?
This depends on the welding material and welding requirements, our penetration depth can reach 4.5.
In this case, the maximum thickness can be welded up to 7-8, and the specific welding must be done at the factory for proofing.

2. What is the maximum weld width?
2mm or less, our wire feeder supports 2mm welding wire.

3. How many watts do your laser welding machines?
1000w,1500w,2000w with Raycus, Jpt and Max

4. What materials can be welded?
Stainless steel, carbon steel, galvanized sheet, aluminum sheet.

5. Can you weld the effect of fish scales?
Yes. When you buy the machine, our engineer will teach you how to weld the fish scale effect.

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