Ring for jewelry marking rotary table shaft

1. Adapts to marking 360 degrees of rotation of the inner ring and the outer ring of various
2. Using precision 42 stepper motor and driver to ensure that marking does not occur, no
3. All the details of this swing arm are precision machined and beautifully machined.
Advantages: swivel elastic mount. Fast loading and unloading increase efficiency.
Disadvantages: the clips have low elasticity and are only suitable for light fixtures and short

Net weight: 4 kg
Diameter: 69 mm
Through hole: 24mm
Claw Extension Range: 12mm
Use the needle to extract the card:
The factory is equipped with four kinds of card pins every 4 tablets
Application area:
Internal clamps (outer diameter from 2 to 83 mm),
External use (product diameter 11 to 91 mm)

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