Safety cover protection desktop 30W laser marking machine

1.It’s adopts famous brand JPT/Raycus Fiber Laser source, the transportation rate of electricity
and optic is high, the function is stable and Maintenance-free and 100,000 hours long life time.
2.Double red dots more easy to get focus.
3.Fiber Laser Marking machine has advantages of high efficiency, convenience, no consumable
materials, innocuity, no pollution and so on.
4.Adopt all-new structure ,exquisite appearance,centralized intelligent control system. fiber laser
marking machine support full-English operating interface. Fiber laser marking machine is easy
to learn and operate.
5.Quality Taiwan meanwell power supply and Schneider AC conductor and switch
6.Best quality digital SINO-GALVO/GALVO-TECH SCANNER head.,small volume, quick speed, good
stability, performance reached the international advanced level.
7.Genuine EZCAD control program compatible with win7/win8/win10 system with USB cable;
8.Fiber laser marking machine with self-clean system , fiber laser marking machine can eliminate
the dust when it works, keep the fresh environment all the time.
9.Whole machine warrantied 2 years;
10.It can both install q-switched source and mopa laser source.
1.Fine marking on Metal and some nonmetal materials
2. black,white marking on stainless steel
3. Black marking on stainless steel and anodized aluminium by mopa source
4. Mold steel engraving
5.a bit little depth engrave
Laser power:20W/30W/50W/100W
Fiber laser source:Raycus,IPG
Lens size:110*110mm,150*150mm,175*175mm
Marking Depth:less than 1mm
Marking speed:less than 7000mm/s
Minimum line width:0.015mm
Power Requirement:less than 500w
Minimum character:0.2mm
Control program:EZCAD
Beam quality:M2 less than 1.5
Focus Spot diameter less than 0.01mm
Computer system:WINXP,WIN7,WIN8,WIN10

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