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Mini Uv Laser Marking Machine

UV Laser Marker Advantage and Disadvantage

Uv laser marker machine wavelength is 355nm, and it is a cold light source with smokeless, non-polluting, non-destructive material surface, permanent marking, widely used in plastic materials marking, especially in food and beverage, daily chemical, cable and pipe industries.

There are advantages and disadvantages, the disadvantage of uv laser marker machine is that the shortest life, comparing with other type laser source, ; and laser marking machine required environment, temperature, working time and other factors.

And if you not use it for a long time, the uv laser will also be damaged, it has the requirement for temperature, the best working temperature 10-35 degrees, working time 24 hours, the environment can not be too need to maintain it, otherwise even the best things will break down.

The advantage of uv laser marking machine is also very obvious, the packaging in the market is basically plastic and film, and uv laser marking machine absorbs very well on these two materials.

Compared with the inkjet printer, there is no consumption of consumables, and the 2-year life only needs maintenance to save the cost.