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UV laser marking machine advantage

UV laser marking machine advantage

uv laser marking machine

UV laser marking machine is a very powerful one in the laser marking machine series. It can mark metal materials and most non-metallic materials. It can not only perform fine marking, but also be used to mark water heater plastics. The shell has sufficient advantages to replace the traditional marking process.

The ultraviolet laser marking machine is very suitable for marking the plastic shell of the water heater. The marking patterns, patterns and LOGO lines are delicate, delicate and beautiful. Unlike the traditional marking method that easily fades and falls off, the Juguangheng ultraviolet laser marking machine marks The logo has durability, its heat affected area is small, no thermal effect, no material scorching problem, no color fading and falling off.

The spot of light collected by the ultraviolet laser marking machine equipment during the processing is very small, so the damage to the product surface during the processing is also relatively small, and it can achieve fine marking. The effect of the whole machine is relatively stable. Continuous work in harsh industrial processing environments, normal operation under certain harsh environments such as shock, vibration, high temperature or dust, and a high degree of automation, it can automatically mark and process the plastic shell of the water heater. It is a production and processing manufacturer. Improve marking speed and efficiency